Japan Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship

“The Government of the Philippines has started the implementation the Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship (JDS) by the assistance of the Government of Japan in Japanese Fiscal Year 2002.

The objective of the JDS Project is to provide Philippine nationals with opportunities for obtaining master’s degree at Japanese universities in order to support human resource development policy of the Government of the Philippines, and eventually to extend and strengthen the bilateral relationship between the Philippines and Japan.

The main target groups of the JDS Project would be young government employees who are expected to play leadership roles in the Philippines.

For the JDS project in the Philippines, the “Common Agenda” has been settled for each field as follows:

  • Public Administration:
    • Building Institutional Capacity for Better Governance
    • Advancing Decentralization and Regional Development
  • Economics:
    • Ensuring Balanced and Stable Fiscal Management
    • Promotion of Sound Market and Industries
  • Information and Communication Technology:
    • ICT Policy to Create Wider and Advanced Usage
  • Industrial Development:
    • Industrial Development Policy for Global Competitiveness
  • Business Administration:
    • Providing Sound and Attractive Business Environment

Every Applicant is expected to share his/her own view of how the knowledge acquired in Japan will be utilized to the development of the Philippines, by tackling one of the Common Agenda for the applying field of study. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to relate the Common Agenda and the research plan.

Applicant’s perspective for future career plan shall be one of the important factors to be considered for the selection of JDS project.

25 scholarships will be offered to study in Japan for commencement in 2008-2009.”

To check for qualification and requirements, visit the JDS website.


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