National Bento Competition 2008

“Strengthening ties between Japanese and Filipinos Through Culinary Fusion”

February 23-24, 2008 (Saturday to Sunday)

Atrium of Edsa Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong City



JFM is the 18th Overseas Office to be established by the Japanese government.

Inaugurated in 1996, JFM aims to promote programs for the introduction of Japanese culture through cooperation with local groups. Its regular activities include lectures, film festivals, exhibitions and performances.

February 2008 will mark the Japanese NihonGo Fiesta, which is celebrated annually.




The National Bento Festival and Competition is a whole-day event at the Shangri-La Mall showcasing Japanese culture and language.

Highlighted by cultural performances, demonstration from 2 bento art experts and exhibit some samples, the Nihongo Speech Contest & the National Bento Competition.

The Bento Competition seeks to involve Filipino culinary talents in preparing intricate in artistic and lunchboxes using indigenous Filipino ingredients and products.



Aside from its technological advancement, Japan is also known for its food with its unique taste and aesthetic presentation.

These characteristics are manifested in the equally popular bento or packed lunches  which is part of Japanese life.This bento culture dates back to the 5th century and has evolved into different types including ekiben or the train station bento.Ekiben is sold in train stations and is famous for its good taste and attractive containers that showcases the local food specialties and culture.

It is said that there are 2,000 – 3,000 kinds of ekiben in Japan.


To encourage culinary creativity among Filipinos through the fusion of Japanese bento

with local ingredients thereby promoting Japanese and Filipino culinary culture and ingenuity.



1 Contest is open to all Filipino citizens, 16 years old and above.

2 Bonafide students of any TESDA recognized culinary school or CHED accredited college offering HRM, Nutrition & Technology and other related courses.

3 Housewives, non-professional and professional food aficionados are also welcome to join.



a. Birth certificate

b. Entry form

c. Photocopy of the CHED/TESDA certificate of the school.

d. Endorsement from the culinary school head or college dean printed in the school letterhead.



1 Participants must submit a bento food good for one person including:

Detailed recipe including measurement, weight & cost.

An 8×10 colored photo of the finished product

A VCD of the cooking process. The VCD should not be more than 10 minutes

The use of indigenous (local) ingredients is a must.

2. The bento should have the following mandatory ingredients:

Starch (rice, noodles, etc…)


Seafood, pork, beef and chicken

The use of indigenous (local) ingredients is a MUST.

3. The bento box should be exactly 12”x8” in size and may be made out of indigenous (local) materials as long as these are food grade.

4. Participants should prepare a bento for the judging committee in two hours wearing a toque and an unmarked chef’s uniform.

5. All entries should be submitted to The Japan Foundation, Manila, 12F Pacific Star Building, Sen Gil Puyat cor. Makati Avenue, Makati City later than Friday, December 14, 2007.

6. Screening of entries for the finals will be done in The Japan Foundation. Finalists will be notified through telephone and/or email.

7. Participants from Luzon/NCR, Visayas and Mindanao will be chosen as grand finalists for the competition.

8. During the finals everything will be provided for each work station except the ingredients. Cost of the ingredients including garnishes and condiments will be reimbursed based on a pre-agreed cost of the organizers.

10. Before the tasting portion, the finalists will explain the concept behind their bento entry to the judges.

11. The judges will choose the winners according to the following criteria:

􀂃 Taste 40%

􀂃 Originality 20%

􀂃 Presentation 20%

􀂃 Food Presentation 20%

TOTAL: 100%

12. The decision of the judges is final.



1st Place – PhP 50,000.00

2nd Place – PhP 30,000.00

3rd Place – PhP 10,000.00


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