Panibagong Paraan 2008 Deadline Extended

To those who were not able to submit their proposals last December 22 will have the chance to submit their project proposals up to January 7, 2008.


Theme:  BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS FOR EFFECTIVE LOCAL GOVERNANCE Panibagong Paraan,  the nationwide search for innovative ideas to address development challenges, is back!

Entries are now being accepted for the Project Grant Competition, where winners
will be extended grants of up to PhP 1,000,000 to turn their innovative ideas into action.

Panibagong Paraan 2008 invites ideas for projects that help improve citizen's  quality of life through effective local governance.  Proposed projects
 should build and utilize multi-stakeholder partnerships to:

– improve transparency and accountability in governance,
– broaden and improve quality of citizen participation in governance,
– strengthen collaboration among stakeholders, and
– improve responsiveness and efficiency of public services.
Proposed projects may focus on overall governance or sectoral governance
concerns.  Projects should fall under any of the following project categories:

 Governance and Administration
 Delivery of Basic Social Services (including health and nutrition,education,  housing, energy)
 Economic Development
 Environmental Management
 Disaster Risk Reduction and Rehabilitation
 Special Category:  Population and Development.  Proposals should demonstrate  local application of the link between population dynamics (fertility,
 mortality and migration) and development concerns.  Projects should show how LGUs
 and other sectors in the community  work together to address population and  development  issues, or how the local government structure, processes
 and service channels  are harnessed for effective planning and
 implementation of a population management program.

To ensure the sustainability of initiatives, the project proposal may
 focus on, or integrate an advocacy component for the development of ordinances/
 laws or policies at the local or national level that will improve local governance.

Panibagong Paraan welcomes projects that seek to promote, strengthen or
institutionalize indigenous mechanisms for participatory governance.   Interested parties
may also visit our website,, or call 917-3047 or 0920-925-1137.
Thank you!

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