PGMA Gives Funding for Processed Vegetable Center

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo supports the establishment of a processing center for vegetables through Benguet State University.

               PGMA gave P10 million pesos as counterpart funding for the building and equipment of the Center. The Center primarily will process different kinds of vegetable based products like veggie pasta or noodles, veggie meat, veggie soup base, etc. The project will be spearheaded by the Benguet State University and it is supported by the Local Government Unit (LGU) and the Department of Agriculture-CAR.

The Center will be open to the indigenous farmers and commercial producers where their products will serve as raw materials for processing. The processed vegetable products will be based on nutrition requirements of various target clients (i.e. those with Vitamin A, Iron, and Protein Deficiencies). It will also employ majority of the unemployed graduates and women in the community.

            According to PGMA, the nutritious processed vegetable products will also be marketed and will be made affordable at the “Tindahan ni Gloria” nationwide.

            Dr. Violeta B. Salda, the lead researcher for the project, has developed various processed vegetable products from chayote, carrots, sweet potato, and squash among others. Processing of vegetables into palatable products (i.e. preserves, pickles, and noodles) will make seasonal vegetables available all year round.

PGMA’s visit to La Trinidad was a time of giving her generous support to various government projects by the LGUs. She also graced BSU’s exhibit at the Puguis Trading post by which Dr. Rogelio D. Colting Sr. presented and explained the different kinds of processed noodles, processed strawberry products and the new potato variety named after her (See related story Potato Variety).


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