Potato Variety named after PGMA

               The potato CIP 13.1.1 that was discovered by BSU researchers was presented to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo last “Sabado Gloria” (March 22) by Dr. Rogelio D. Colting.

               “Gloria Kamaptengan” is a new potato variety that has undergone research since 2006 by the following researchers: Belinda A. Tad-awan, Donita K. Simongo, Esther Josephine Sagalla,  Cynthia Kiswa, Janet P. Pablo, and Charlotte C. Shagol at the Northern Philippine Rootcrops Research and Training Center (NPRRTC).

               “Kamaptengan” is an Ibaloi term that means “very good or best”. It has a yield of 10 to 11 tons/ha and it is resistant to potato blight. According to Dr. Tad-awan, this potato is also good for french-fries because of its low moisture content. This potato variety has a Return of Income (ROI) of 57.51 %.


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