PARRFI Professorial Chairholders Present Studies on Organic Agriculture

Rehab what is damaged, conserve what is left.

This was the gist of the two Professorial lectures held at the Chrysanthemum Hall on August 31, 2010 on the importance of organic farming and of diverse ecosystem.

In order to restore the soil fertility for the production of native rice through organic farming, Dr. Jose G. Balaoing, PARRFI Professorial Chairholder 2009, conducted a study titled, “Organic Fertilizer Management of Native Rice Grown in the Municipalities of Kibungan and Kapangan.”

Before discussing the result of his study, Dr. Balaoing talked about the basics of soil organic matter. He reiterated the importance of organic fertilizers and the composition of soil organic matter and its influence on soil properties and the environment.

In his study, the application of vermicompost in combination with organic liquid fertilizer extract is recommended for the culture and production of Binggawan rice variety.

It was recommended during the open forum that a follow up study on the diseases of the native rice should be done. Also, historical analysis of the area must be considered.

Meanwhile, Dr. Romeo A. Gomez Jr., PARRFI Professorial Chairholder 2008, presented the issues and effects on turning Mt. Data at Mt. Province into an agricultural area . His study, “Floral Assessment of Mt. Data National Park” was in collaboration with the Saint Louis University. He emphasized the importance of understanding the basic sciences like ecology and environmental science to applied science.

He also discussed the application of Economic Valuation, this is giving economic value on the species or on the things inside a diverse ecosystem or national park.

The implication of his study is that Mt. Data is a relatively diverse ecosystem, but there is a decline of the specie distribution in the area through the years. There was also an increased pressure on the land use change of the park due to economic activities and population pressure as well as soil characteristics of the area that favor for agriculture production.

In an open forum, it was discussed that the government should provide measures to really protect the national park as well as its effect if the said park will be converted to short term use just like agriculture land use.

Dr. Gomez also said that Mt. Data Park provides water for irrigation on Regions I and II. Dr. Luis, in her closing remarks challenged the students and youth to rehab what can be restored just like growing native rice and to protect and conserve what is there to be protected especially the watersheds. She added that biodiversity gives life to people.

PARRFI professorial lectures are held every month organized by the office of the VP for Research and Extension. //May Flor Magciano


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